Group Solum Office Staff

David Buurma

“I see the strengths and abilities in people. I read them pretty easily and I would be able to put them in the right place and in the right job.”




David was raised in a farm and has a strong agricultural background. He started working at 15 years old at his oldest brother’s company. It was there when he discovered his passion for the strategy side of business. He went on to work with small businesses and startups, and enjoyed working with small groups. Later on in life, he worked for his father. He got married and lived in Mexico for a while before he returned to Canada to work with his brother again.

As things progressed, he and his brother, Roger, started taking over the farm and the business from their father on 2012. It was also around that time that David started running LaSalle Agri. They became partners and co-founders of several companies since then.

He firmly believes that everybody’s weakness is somebody else’s strength. He sees the potential in people, and knows how magnify them and where to place them to bring out their best. He is also a visionary, and has an ability to see the bigger picture. Which is why he knows exactly which direction his business should grow and how to lead people towards success.


"I enjoy creating and building strong relationships and developing good culture at the workplace.  It's one of my more significant accomplishments. It's always ongoing."




“I was able to build several different teams in my previous experience, and being able to build the business processes."


Chief Financial Officer / Controller of Finances


John is a certified CPA/CMA. He’s been working in a lot of industries over 30 years. He was in Trans Alta on 2002-2018 in the Gas and Renewables division. After that, he started working at a startup company called EGMATICA Bio Fans and then at Shore Stores. He’s been with Buurma Acres since June 2021.

He leads the finance team of the company and is responsible for the treasury, castles and financial analysis. He believes in harmony at work and enjoys working with different groups.

He loves to go golfing, and walking his dog in his free time.

Juan Pablo Hernandez

Director of Business Development

"I have lived, worked and studied all over the world and bring a unique global perspective to start-ups and large organizations alike."


Financial Officer


"I enjoy the people! I really love my job and the atmosphere of the company. We are more like one big family than we are coworkers. I really like that every single person is important and valued."


Executive Administrative Assistant 


Throughout Shelby’s life, she has mainly worked in the customer service industry. She has also worked in the health/social work area. She fell in love with the agriculture industry when she participated in the farm shows and conventions with her grandfather and the company he worked for. She had never envisioned herself having a passion for this field but is happy be a part of something she enjoys.

Shelby has a Diploma in Native community worker (Traditional Aboriginal healing methods) from St. Clair college and the Anishinabek Education Institute. An associates degree in Agriculture from the University of Guelph Ridgetown campus.


Financial Assistant


 Administrative Assistant / Health & Safety

"I'm new to the agricultural sector and loving every opportunity to learn and grow with our team."